One Show
Theme and experience design for 2018 One Show Creative Week Shanghai

In China there are too many advertising awards and festivals, most of them are governmental, look alike and lack of passion and kind of boring. How can we make One Show China Festival stand out with a unique character and inspire more people with interesting and creative experience?

Insight & Idea
The understanding of creativity and culture are different in many regions of the world, but the love of great food is a universal language of creatives all around the globe. Every creative work is like great food, should be good looking, tasty and nutritious, crafted with good skill, passion and idea. And the creators are great chefs. So we come up with the concept Creativity Never Tasted So Good, to design all the event visuals and experiences based on this core idea.

We invite a famous chef to work with us and shoot the process of cooking food. All ingredients finally made up the shape of iconic One Show logo, to showcase the link of creativity and food. All awards ceremony interstitial videos and key visuals are made of One Show logo shape food. And we extended the whole idea into other materials and collaterals, such us the badge, VIP invitation letter, Judge’s gift and name tag and event onsite materials.