Alibaba Members' Day
Experiential Marketing Campaign

Almost everyone using Taobao or TMall is an Alibaba Member, but most of the people know nothing about this, and the membership benefits’ awareness is even worse.
How can we make more people realize the value of being an Ali Member?

We create a unique experience for the key influencers of the Ali Members, the mobile Music Club moving across the city, where the super class Members can experience free music and drinks in an exclusive space during the day. We modified two buses and installed DJ gears, professional speakers, disco lights and bars in the buses, announced two routes across Shanghai via social media for eligible members to wait and board. Anyone who showed the membership status as Super Member can get on board of the mobile music club. Famous DJs, great music and beautifully crafted cocktails will be around. This experience makes a lot of young people excited, and shared the unique experiences online. It once became a hot topic on social media during the campaign period. Best of all, people are aware that the Ali Member can bring them real and exclusive benefits.