World Book Day
Integrated Marketing Campaign

Nowadays people get used to be stuck on smartphones for fragmented and entertaining info, but hardly read books.
At 2018 World Book Day, can we make people return to the world of reading?
Knowledge and wisdom are just like the light which shows us the hope and direction, reading is exactly a trip chasing the light.
Based on that concept, we build a unique light and shadow art installation experience.

We use the ordinary objects and materials to build the installations that look no relevance. When there is a moving light source, those installations will be projected onto the wall
and become an amazing shadow scene followed by another. It tells a story about a boy takes an amazing tour in the world of reading.
Along the tour, you can also discover the scenes about the classic books.
We created an online campaign video that all the scenes in it are projected by art installations. We posted on social media
then followed by a Behind the Scene video shows the details of how we build those installations and projections, make people interested in the whole art installation experience.

During the week of World Book Day, we launch the art installation experience at Beijing landmark Shopping mall, let people watch it, take photos and share.
At the same time, all the audiences to the art experience can participate in the event of mobile punch, collecting credits at Kindle campaign booths and get rewards.
Through the live streaming show of KOLs, people in other cities can also watch the art experience online, and join the weibo topic #Chasethelight