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The Top 12 on Earth is one of the most expected sports TV programs in China. It’s a selecting competition of Chinese National Table Tennis team members for Tokyo Olympics 2020.
Definitely the top competition for table tennis globally. The athletes including at least 8 super stars are so busy training and we only have 1 day to do the shooting for all the promotional materials,
how can we get everything done and make it looks passionate, full of power and motivating?

One day shooting is obviously not enough for all the still photography and video storytelling. We choose the style of Chinese Kung Fu comics.
We create the promotional video with pure animation in the style of Chinese Kung fu comics which looks powerful and strong,
we also illustrate the athletes based on the photos we shoot and make the key visual in the same style.
It’s just like the colorful cover of a hot-blooded Kung Fu comics and the grayscale video is the contents inside.
This video is very popular and shown as opening video before every game, it makes the arena hot.