Chinese Passphrase Red Envelope
Integrated Marketing Campaign
For Chinese New Year

Giving and receiving lucky money in red envelopes during New Year is a Chinese tradition for centuries. Alipay’s biggest competitor WeChat payment has a stronger red envelopes awareness relying on its powerful social network. How can we increase Alipay’s red envelope user activity during the Chinese New Year?

We give the users benefits in an interesting way. Alipay has planned a huge budget to be shared as users’ lucky money, we give them a reason to get it, the passphrase red envelopes. When you find a passphrase, input it to Alipay app and make it right, you get a share of the lucky money. We designed a lot of assets, such as viral videos, different collections of social posts, OOHs to deliver the campaign theme in a viral way, in the meanwhile, the passphrase was hidden in the copy among those media assets. People finding the answers are just like playing a puzzle game, with reading interesting contents, they win lucky money, which makes the campaign even more popular.